FocusUnleashed™ Weekends

A FocusUnleashed™ Weekend is a time away from the noise and distraction of daily life, in an atmosphere created to assist you in restoring your passion and re-energizing your life. This small group retreat features a combination of personal exercises, partnered sharing, and small group dialogue. It is helpful if you attend this retreat with at least one good friend with whom you can be completely honest. This friend will not only help you through this focusing process, but also will be a source of encouragement and accountability in following through with your commitments.

As a result of this retreat you will:

  • Recognize God’s unique shaping in your life, including life-defining moments and values.
  • Increase your capacity to understand and process difficult times.
  • Discover greater awareness of your personal giftedness and roles.
  • Gain greater focus to your life, personal ministry, and personal growth through the development of a Personal Calling Statement.
  • Discover the possibilities for mentoring and being mentored that can help accelerate your personal growth and eternal impact.




"After going through the FocusUnleashed™ Weekend and making another major move and change in my life, it made a big difference to be able to say with confidence that once again, the Lord would be faithful. In the moments of uncertainty, the pattern of His faithfulness was easy to see. My Life Event Chart was a visible reminder that God's purposeful leading in my life was continuing. I also had confidence in seeking out ministry responsibilities in my new church and community based on my Personal Calling Statement. The advantage to having this statement based on a purpose rather than a program lends itself to flexibility in adapting to a new environment. Thank you, Lendell and Nelda in your faithfulness of leading others through the Focus Unleashed Weekend!" - Sue

"Attending the FocusUnleashed™ Weekend was a very intensive, thought provoking weekend. We really focused in on our lifetime spiritual growth and how God could use us. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a closer relationship with God."     - Twyla 

"My first FocusUnleashed™ Weekend was eye opening! I had felt I was ‘God’s child’ all my life. What I didn’t recognize was I had taken God for granted. I knew He was there and I expected things from Him. Boy was I ever wrong. Thanks to the weekend I learned much different. The second one, I was asked to help, but I was the one who was helped again. I realized God had things He wanted me to do, so I stopped and listened. He’s led me to various people I wouldn’t have normally known and places I wouldn’t have normally seen. I’m here to tell you, ‘Listen – You’re never too old to do God’s work or to learn what He wants from you.’ God will move you if you just listen." - Mary 

"I attended a FocusUnleashed™ Weekend sponsored by my church and facilitated by Lendell Nolan. The biggest obstacle in the retreat was facing how out of balance and unfocused my life was. The retreat helped me realize that I needed a plan to be focused and balanced in order to pursue and fulfill what I have been called to do." -Mickey

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